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The Mars Lab is a both a Mars Yard (a re-creation of the Martian surface) and a robotics lab established within Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. It engages young people at high school in the search for life on Mars and the technologies which enable that search.


60 Minutes On Mars is a five lesson teacher-led unit of science curriculum-linked activities that provide an introduction to the search for evidence of life on Mars culminating with a teleoperation rover driving experience. Students investigate the main geological and astrobiological features of interest on the Martian surface and use this knowledge to carefully plan their rover mission.

Students control the rover from their classroomTeachers can follow the lessons step by step or choose to extend and vary the focus for their students as they develop a scientific goal for their Mars photographic mission.

Suitable for Years 7-10

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All Mars Lab activities must be booked and schools must be registered to access some of the Mars Lab resources.

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still-Isabelle-about-ML What happens in the Mars Lab? A quick video introduction to the Mars Lab student experience.

Mars Mission 5 is a three hour virtual excursion led by our Mars Lab team over video conferencing. MM5 introduces students to the robotic exploration of Mars and focusses on collaboration, planning, observation and scientific investigation. The program involves students in a variety of experiences over VC and in their classrooms including discussions, mission planning, virtual rover driving and teleoperating our Maswson Rover in the Mars Yard. Suitable for Years 7-10 Find out more
Intro-To-Mars-Yard Introduction to the Mars Yard What is the Mars Yard? How was it built and how it is used by astrobiologists, engineers and high school students?



16 MAY 2014 @ 9.30AM (EST)



Find out why geology rocks!

Meet Professor of Geology, John Grotzinger – chief scientist for the NASA Mars Science Laboratory rover mission.  John’s job: study the rocks and soil of Mars using NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity.

Live from the California Institute of Technology, John will talk about his work as a geologist and his role as chief scientist for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission.  He will discuss the mission’s highlights, Curiosity’s top discoveries so far and what the mission team’s upcoming plans are.

This is a very special and unique opportunity for your students to meet and interact with a NASA scientist, ask questions about his work, studies, and even technical questions about NASA’s Mars mission.

Watch a video of John Grotzinger.