Switchable screen layouts

There are various layouts of the interface available to suit different classroom roles and purposes. You select the particular interface layout required after selecting your rover. Depending upon the layout you choose, you then may also have one or more switchable options from the icons on the top bar. Most layouts require log in.


After selecting a rover, you will have the choice of a number of interface layouts. Select the layout that matches the role of each mission station in your mission control room. The Full Control layout allows access to all other layouts and is not recommended for classroom mission stations.

Full Control Layout


Full Control layout of the teleoperation interface

The Full Control interface provides access to all rover controls, instruments and the Mars Yard cameras. The number of icons that appear across the top bar may vary between rovers according the features available on that rover. The number of icons that are active and available varies according to the layout. In Full Control, all icons are active and available. As such the Full Control interface is recommended for teacher use only.

Main View Layout


Main View layout of the teleoperation interface

The Main View layout provides access to all cameras on the rover and the Yard Cams around the Mars Yard. Main View is used during missions to provide everyone with big screen views of the rover position and features of interest that best help the teams to complete their mission.

The Main View interface has a Full Screen icon in the bottom right of the Viewport. Click this to fill the entire screen with the image currently showing in the Viewport.

Note: in class missions the Main View interface is best connected to the largest screen in the room.

Driving Control Layout


Driving control layout of the interface.

The Driving interface layout is used to provide a team with access to the driving controls of the rover. For some rovers there may also be additional Hazard Cameras available along the bottom of the interface. Users of the Driving interface can click on these Haz Cams to have them display in their View Port.


Rover Cams Layout


Rover Cams layout of teleoperation interface

The Rover Cams interface layout is used to provide a team with access to the cameras mounted on the rover such as the Pan/Tilt Cam or Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cam. This interface includes a silver Camera icon in the top right of the View Port. Clicking this icon captures an image of whatever is currently showing in the View Port.

Full screen and wide screen modes

btn-topBar-full-screen-rollover When running the interface in your browser you can view it within the browser window or switch the interface to full screen mode by clicking the button in the top right corner.

The interface will detect the screen resolution of your computer and adapt the layout to suit (eg. normal screen 4:3 or wide screen 16:9).