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The Mars Lab offers highly interactive, incredibly exciting and truly innovative educational programs.  Linking strongly with the national science curriculum, Mars Lab programs include a growing range of:

  • full lesson units (ranging from 1-6 weeks) designed to provide comprehensive, creative alternative ways for teachers to cover specific curriculum areas
  • virtual excursions that run for 2-3 hours and are led by our Mars Lab team via video conference
  • special event video conferences and panel discussions with Mars exploration specialists from around the world.

A fantastic way to inspire students, Mars Lab  provides unique opportunities for live interactions between students, scientists and engineers, and gives young people the opportunity to experience the thrill and challenge of exploration from their classroom by teleoperating a sophisticated robotic rover across the Mars Yard.

How to Book:

To make a booking simply contact us at marslab[at] or .
Charges apply to most Mars Lab rover driving mission experiences.

See individual programs for details:

Note: A standards-based video conferencing system (eg. Tandberg or Polycom unit) is preferred for participation in Mars Lab experiences, however other webcam based methods are possible.

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