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What did we find? How did we perform?

Following their mission, students examine the data collected for evidence of life, evaluate the mission and share their findings.

You will need:

  • 40 – 60 minutes. Additional time may be required by each team to complete reports
  • Prints and JPEGs of the photographs taken from the rover during the mission
  • Video or photography taken during the mission
  • Copies of the Mission report activity sheet for each mission team.


1. Look at the data

Display and handout printouts of the images captured during the mission. The images can be accessed from the link sent to you by the Mars Lab team.

2. Facilitate a brief discussion

If necessary facilitate a brief discussion with everyone about what the images may indicate in terms of evidence of previously habitable environments on Mars.

3. Teams debrief the mission

Have the mission teams review the mission by considering factors such as:

  • the overall experience
  • things that worked well or as planned
  • things that could be done differently
  • degree to which we worked as a team
  • challenges
  • unexpected things that happened.

4. Hand out the mission report activity

Hand each mission team (or each team member) a Mission report activity sheet and access to the images that were captured of their target site.

5. Teams prepare their mission reports

Have teams prepare a mission report using the Mission report activity sheet as a guide and then present their report to the rest of the class.

Display all mission reports for the whole class to review.

6. Answer the mission question

Using the evidence gathered from the mission and the knowledge gained about astrobiology and geology, answer the question:

What, if any, evidence did we find that Mars may have once had environments that could have supported life?

7. Share your mission experience with a media release

Using video and imagery collected from and during the mission, have students prepare a media release to promote their findings based on the conclusion from step 6.

Encourage your class to make use of print and digital media presentation applications. End of section