Project Mars Teacher Resources

1. DOWNLOAD: Project Mars PDF of entire unit [updated 01.05.15]

Before beginning Project Mars with your class, download and review the PDF of the entire unit so you fully understand the scope and process of the project. The document includes every lesson and an Appendix of resources. Links within the PDF make it easy to locate resources and websites and videos.  (Latest version: Ver2.2)

project mars title page

2. Powerpoint Presentations

Presentations to provide visual aids from various lessons.  Each presentation can also be accessed from links within the entire unit PDF or from the links below:

3. Sample LIBS data CSV files (required for lesson 14)

Sample data in comma separated value form for your class to learn how to plot the instrument data they will capture during their mission.

4. Mission Day setup kit

Download this kit to help you setup your room as a mission control room for your all important Mission Day.

5. Mars Lab LIBS Spectral Library

A library of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) plots for comparison to instrument data collected during Mars Lab missions. (Latest version v2.3)