Mars Yard Maps

The Mars Yard Maps (MYM) app gives Mars Lab users an efficient and interactive way to plan and record their Mars Yard experiences. It also makes sharing discoveries and collaborating on missions easy and enjoyable.





Allowing detailed 2D and 3D viewing of the Mars Yard, MYM is the perfect pre-mission planning and post-mission reflection tool. Users can zoom in and out and freely rotate the views of the Mars Yard enabling accurate study of the surface features.


Pins: once a location of interest is found on the surface, a user wanting to create a map (a map maker) can choose and place a pin at that location and add comments. Once placed, the pin then appears on the map and can be viewed and edited by other users to allow a collaborative mapping experience.

Draw path tool: the path tool allows a map maker to draw a continuous line across the surface. This is particularly useful for showing a proposed driving path.

Map layers: Each new map created in MYM includes 6 layers: 5 user definable layers and 1 read only layer used by the Mars Lab team to provide location-based links to data gathered during missions. When placing a pin, a map maker can select which of the 5 definable layers the pin is placed on. This makes it easy to organise a map for better planning and viewing.

Map tools: a number of tools to assist with mission planning and communication are available from the Map tools dropdown: a coordinate grid, contour map, show columns, show pin names and the console.

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