Map manager > My maps


My maps


Used to add and manage access to maps in your account.


1. After logging in, click the My Maps button. accessing-map-mym-manager-mymapsSelect
2. The My Maps screen will open. If there are no maps in your account, your screen will look like this. map-manager-my-maps-1
3. To add a map, simply enter a name for the map click the Add Map button.  map-manager-my-maps-2
4. The newly added map will appear under the View Maps column.  map-manager-my-maps-3
5. The three buttons to the right of the map name do the following.  map-manager-my-maps-4
View map – click this button to view the map. The map will open in full screen mode.  btn-viewMaps-rollover
Manage map – click this button to add and delete users for this map, control access to map layers, email map data and submit a map pre-mission.MORE  btn-editMapUsers-rollover512
Delete map – click this button to delete a map. WARNING: deleting a map will erase all data associated with this map.  btn-deleteMap-rollover