Working with map pins













The purpose of working with Mars Yard Maps is to plan and document your rover missions. Map pins are your way of marking and recording details about any point on the Mars Yard surface.

Map pins can be added, named, deleted, moved and emailed. You can select a pin design and add information to describe why the pin’s location is important to you.



View an existing pin:

To view the information stored in a pin on a map, simply point and click the pin. A Pin Notes box will open such as the one shown below:



Add a pin:

With the Add a pin button selected click on a location on your map to open a new pin notes box, The pin notes box includes the following elements:


PIN NOTES Title bar The title bar includes the X and Y coordinates of the pin on the map.
Email pin notes The title bar also includes the EMAIL icon. Clicking this icon opens a second dialogue box enabling you to have the information contained in this pin notes box sent to an email address of your choice.
Pin name Enter a Pin name for your pin.  Pin names can be viewed by enabling pin names from the map tools button.
Author The name of the currently logged in map user.
Description The description input box is where you record your notes about this pin location.
Pin design Click on a pin design for your pin. A yellow highlight box identifies the currently selected pin design.
Layers There are 5 map layers (numbered 1 to 5) that a pin can placed on. Click the up-down arrows to select a layer for this pin.
SAVE CHANGES To save any changes you make to your pin notes you must click the Save Changes button.
CLOSE When you are done, click the Close button any time to close the pin notes box.


Pins and collaborative mapping

An important feature of MYM is that it is collaborative. This means that whatever changes you make to your map on your screen will be visible to all other map users who have access to the same map. This makes working together much easier. It let’s you see what other mission teams are planning and thinking and makes planning a combined mission path much easier.

Map pins and layers

Depending upon how your map administrator has set up your map, it is possible that you may only be able to add or edit pins on certain layers on the map. You can see which layers you have edit access to from the layers button. See your map administrator if you need access to more layers.