Installing Unity web player

MYM has been developed using an application known as Unity 3D, a world class game graphics engine. While standalone versions of the application will run on your PC or Mac, the webpage version of MYM requires that the Unity Web Player plugin be installed and running in your browser.

If the web player is not already installed or enabled, you will likely encounter one of the following situations when you first try to run MYM. Depending upon the type of machine, browser or setup of your IT network you may need to try one or all of the following steps:


1. Unity web player requests installation and installs automatically:


  1. A message appears on the screen requesting installation of the Unity web player.
  2. Simply click on this and allow it to install.
  3. MYM will then open automatically.


2. Unity web player requests installation but requires manual install:


  1. A message appears on the screen saying that installation or update has failed and a link is provided for Install Manually.
  2. Click the link and follow the dialogues to manually install the web player.  Or simply visit Unity’s site and download and install from here:
  3. Then, refresh your browser and try to start MYM again.