Mars Mission 5

5 teams | 5 clues | 1 mission


Students talk about Mars Mission 5

Mars Mission 5 is a 2 part experience for Years 5-8 led by our Mars Lab team via video conference which introduces students to the robotic exploration of Mars and focusses on collaboration, planning, observation and scientific investigation.

The experience is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Introduction to Mars exploration [45 mins]

Via video conference, the Mars Lab team in Sydney will introduce your class to Mars exploration and the Mars Mission 5 activity.

Your class forms 5 mission teams. Each team receives a clue to guide their investigation. They then use our special digital tools to select and map their sites of interest, learn to drive the rover and carefully plan their mission.

Part 2: The mission [90 mins]

The mission is the highlight of the session where teams get to drive the real robot rover and to play 5 different operational roles that will contribute to the class’ successful completion of the mission.

Following the mission, the Mars Lab team will guide your class through a brief discussion of their experience and examination of the images they captured during the mission.

We recommend you separate Parts 1 and 2 by about a week to give your teams time to work on their mission preparation.



All Mars Lab missions must be booked.

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