The Mars Lab Trailer
What happens at the Mars Lab?

WATCH THIS INSPIRING VIDEO to find out what goes on at the Mars Lab and get ready to make your booking!

Video conference - Mars One
Mars One – A one way ticket to Mars

A video conference in which 9 schools get to ask questions of 6 Australian Mars One candidates — 3 in the Mars Lab studio and 3 online from around Australia.

Special Guest: Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Student reporter, Caitie Browne, interviews Chris Hadfield

Find out Chris’ favourite space food, what it’s like to blast off, why you don’t need a hair straightener in space and why astronauts get so much homework!

Isabelle Kingsley, Mars Lab educator, interviews Chris Hadfield

We ask famous astronaut, Chris Hadfield, about mentally preparing for a space mission, the special challenges of travelling to Mars, the role of robots in space exploration and … would he go to Mars?


Mars Lab video conferences

Mars One

A one way ticket to Mars – we interview 6 Australian Mars One candidates.

Dr Abigail Allwood

She’s an astrobiologist, an Australian and she is one of the scientists leading the Mars 2020 Mission.

Dr Chris McKay

What if we find life on Mars? Should we terraform Mars?

Jennifer Shechet

Jennifer Shechet is “Keeper of the Plan” with the MSL mission.

Vandi Tompkins

Vandi Tompkins is one of the drivers of the Curiosity Rover.

Charles Bolden

Charles Bolden is an astronaut and the current NASA administrator.

Mars Lab education programs

What happens in the Mars Lab?

A quick video introduction to Mars Lab education programs and the student experience.

Students talk about Mars Mission 5

A short video made by PLC Melbourne Junior School of their student experience with Mars Mission 5 program.

About the Mars Yard

Intro To Mars Yard
Intro To Mars Yard

Matthew introduces the NBN Mars Lab, explains how it was built and how it is used by astrobiologists, engineers and high school students.


Isabelle from the Mars Lab introduces robotic rover EMR-Mawson, and explains all its features used by students to carry out missions.

The EMR-Mawson and ChemCam instrument

Isabelle from the Mars Lab talks about the ChemCam virtual instrument onboard our EMR Mawson Rover.

Time lapse of our robotics engineers building MAMMOTH

Engineers from the Australian Centres for Field Robotics kindly kept a camera running for many months to show us the building process of the MAMMOTH rover.

Mars Lab Fun with YouTuber Caitie Browne

The Rover Rap (Official Music Video)
The Rover Rap (Official Music Video)

Caitie Browne releases official version of The Rover Rap — an entertaining, educational, rhyming Martian experience!

Mars Vox Pop
Mars Vox Pop!

Caitie Browne loves Mars facts and talking about Mars, so she decided to visit some every day people in their homes (just by knocking on their doors!) to find out what they know about Mars and hear their views on space exploration and colonisation.

Conspiracy on the Mars Lab
Conspiracy? A face discovered on the Mars Yard!

Conspiracy – discovery of a face on the Mars Yard surface?

FireStar Tours
FireStar Tours

How would you sell a holiday on Mars?

Video - Mars vs Mars Bar
Mars vs Mars Bar

Caitie Browne compares Mars to a Mars Bar. How many similarities and differences can you find?

Video - Pun-off with astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield
Pun-off with astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield

Who knows more space puns, Chris or Caitie?

Expert Interviews

Simon George
Simon George

Simon, Prof of Org. Geochem., explains how geochemical techniques help scientists look for chemical evidence of life in ancient rocks.

Chris Tinney
Chris Tinney

Chris, Prof of Astro Physics, talks about his career and how exciting it is to hunt for planets that are potentially habitable.

Monika Kress
Monika Kress

Monica, Prof of Physics at SJSU, explains how her research is attempting to find earth-like planets in the habitable zone around stars.

Jill Tarter
Jill Tarter

Jill, B.M. Oliver Chair for SETI in California, explains that science as a career is incredibly rewarding and phenomenal fun.

Jill Tarter
Roger Summons

Roger, Prof of Geobiology at MIT, talks about his work on Curiosity’s SAM instrument which looks for small organic molecules in the soil of Mars.

Adrian BrownAdrian Brown
Adrien from SETI talks about the possibilities of finding life on Mars and the instruments and techniques used to look for evidence of life.

Simon George
Square Kilometre Array

Dr. Liza Harvey Smith talks about the CSIROs square kilometre array telescope.

Chris Tinney
Radio Astronomy

Dr. Liza Harvey Smith talks about radio astronomy.